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You find yourself in the middle of the night in a forest, encountering an uncanny man that leads you to a family home up the hill, where you are needed! Follow his path and discover the secret about what happened in your past.


  • Arrows or AD to walk left and right.
  • W or UP to act and enter doors
  • Alt+Enter to full-screen (recommended)

Genre: 2D Horror Side Scrolling Adventure

Engine: Game Maker Studio 2

Assets, Programming and Music by Whelp

Version History:
2018-11-12 099: Added atmospherics and music. Added end game dialogue. Corrected lots of typos, changed some lines.
2018-10-31 090: Implemented a freeze so the player can't move around when he is interacting with text. Major rewrites of the text giving you background on the lore. Added new text effects.
2018-10-30 082: fixed a bug where the black overlay would not disappear sometimes when you exit a door
2018-10-28 081: fixed a bug where there was no way to talk to the last appearance
2018-10-28 080: initial release


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